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Bird Watching Trips


Bario – Pa Lungan Nature Discovery

4 Days 3 Nights
  • Sarawak highland ecotourism
  • Experience the local ethnic culture
  • Bird watching in the highlands
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RM1,950.00 per person

Kenyah Tribes at Ulu Baram

4 Days 3 Nights
  • Explore a traditional Kenyah village
  • Indulge in Kenyah lifestyle
  • Off road and boat trips upriver
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RM5,880.00 per person

Ulu Temburong National Park Nature Escapade

Day Trip
  • Explore Brunei's National Parks
  • Boat rides and trekking tours
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RM540.00 per person

Kelabit Bario Food and Cultural Festival Package

24 Jul 2014 - 26 Jul 2014
  • Pesta Nukenen is an unique celebration of Kelabit people
  • The festival celebrates their unique food, farming, forest and cultural of the highlands people
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RM290.00 per person

Lemanak Longhouse

3 Days 2 Nights
  • Explore the lifestyle of the Iban Tribe
  • Experience the daily life of the Dayak people
  • Journey via road, boat and foot to the traditional longhouse
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RM892.00 per person


3 Days 2 Nights
  • Trek up to the Mulu Pinnacles
  • Climb up to Mount Api
  • Experience the Mulu National Park
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RM1,151.00 per person

Irrawaddy Dolphin Sunset Cruise

Half Day Trip
  • Sunset cruise at Santubong River
  • Look for Irrawaddy Dolphins
  • Wildlife and Fireflies spotting
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RM515.00 per person

Brunei Proboscis Monkey River Safari

Half Day Trip
  • River cruise to spot Proboscis Monkeys
  • Pass beautiful local water villages
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RM310.00 per person

Jelia Delok Longhouse

3 Days 2 Nights
  • Experience visiting a traditional Iban Longhouse
  • Jungle trekking to the home of the Orangutans
  • Cruise in a traditional longboat
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RM1,082.00 per person

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